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A -2 preservative

Product overview:

Name of commodity: a -2 preservative

CTFA Name: Urea Diazolidiny1

English Name: Germall

Chemical composition: bis - bis

Molecular formula: C8H14N4O7

Molecular weight: 278.23

No:78491-02-8 CAS

Characteristics: stunning - preservative action principle is sustained release formaldehyde, to leather gram positive bacteria, gram gram - negative bacteria, including Pseudomonas bacteria have antibacterial effect, of yeasts, molds, selective inhibition.

Stunning - 2 white liquidity to absorb tide powder (moisture absorption does not affect the antibacterial activity), microstrip smell of formaldehyde, 1% aqueous solution pH = 6.0-7.5 this product performance is stable, should be stored in dry and ventilated place, easily soluble in water, oil soluble in water, oil solubility is small, oil-water partition coefficient is very small, not removed from the aqueous phase.

Safety tips: This product safety and health quality by the Shanghai municipal Chemical Toxicity Evaluation Standardization Technical Committee, approved the registration

Quality standard:

Appearance: white fine powder

Chroma: < 15

Nitrogen content: 19 - 21

PH value (1% aqueous solution): 6.0-7.5

Burning residue (%): less than 3

Dry weight loss: less than 3

Package: 10kg / box, 25kg / barrel

Products to maintain conditions and time: product in the packaging integrity, at the end of the unsealed, placed in dry, ventilation, room temperature places, valid for two years.

Product application:

Application: widely used in cosmetics, cream, honey, hair care element, liquid cosmetics, shampoo and eye cosmetics attached leaves and wash products.

Usage: recommended concentration (%): 0.1 - 0.3

Use pH range: 3 - 9

The use of temperature (c): = 100

Using the optimal tip: suggestions and mildew proof antiseptic per mold kill (IPBC) or Methyl Paraben, propyl ester compound, a broad-spectrum antibacterial system. Especially suitable for the formulation, such as rich nutrition and high corrosion resistance. Methyl Paraben and dissolved in the aqueous phase, Propylparaben and dissolved in the oil phase a 2 emulsion after, with a small amount of water, dissolved join.

Description: the information provided in this introduction is correct and reliable. Each kind of cosmetics must have their own unique anti-corrosion system to ensure its anti-corrosion effect. Therefore, each new development or improvement of the products are required to carry out the challenge experiment, in order to ensure its anti-corrosion effect.

Product application

Application: all kinds of cream, cream, honey and other personal care products, shampoos and conditioners and washing products.

Usage: recommended concentration: 0.1-0.3%

Using pH range: 3.0-9.0

Temperature: less than or equal to 100 DEG C

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