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Plant extract

Plant extract

Aloe extract

Appearance: almost colorless and transparent liquid

Variety: Aloe Vera

PH: 4~6

Mercury: less than 0.5mg/kg

Arsenic: less than 0.5mg/kg

Lead: less than 1.0mg/kg

Main ingredients:

Vitamin (repair cell), Mucin sticky protein (lubrication)

Product introduction:

Extracted from aloe plant, containing rich amino acid, minerals, vitamins, sugar and other cosmetic ingredients, its natural acid pH value of 4~6, and the normal pH value of the skin, can increase the skin moisture content, oxygen content, so it has a good lubrication and moisturizing effect.

Mild and non stimulation, which has the effect of cell proliferation, promotes the formation of the collagen of fibroblasts. Anti inflammation, increase immunity, with detoxification and cleaning effect, healing and regeneration of cell activation skin. And moisturizing skin and soft and shiny hair, prevent dry skin, or grease secretion, on the treatment of freckles, acne and prevent hair loss, go dandruff itching, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and has excellent curative effect.

Aloe vera can relieve the discomfort caused by mosquito bites and allergic skin. Maintenance of the skin, moisturizing, convergence, compactness and moisture, repair, sterilization and other effects, can promote metabolism, prevent wrinkles, promote fair, acid-base value, is also very effective on wound healing, aloe vera can be keep skin soft, can improve the skin problems such as acne and eczema. Aloe Vera is often used to calm and care for the skin of the sun. Its light texture can be quickly penetrate the skin deep.


1, moisturizing lotion make-up water: the recommended rate of 2 ~ 5%;

2, moisturizing conditioning gel or mask: the recommended rate of 3 ~ 8%;

3, cream: it is recommended to use rate from 3 to 8%.

Storage method: placed in a cool, dry place, sealed to avoid light preservation.

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