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Baby wipes concentrate

Baby wipes concentrate

Market of wipes can be divided into two categories: a class itself has been disinfected, but can not be disinfected other items, which contains the skin care ingredients, can only do skin moist maintenance. Another kind is not only itself to be disinfected, and other items can also play a disinfectant disinfectant wipes, can be used as a skin abrasions, scratches and other disinfection or sterilization. Visible, select out the best disinfectant wipes with sterilization function.

Wipes according to the material is divided into two kinds: a kind is wet strength paper, a is a nonwoven fabric, most of the wet wipes are used in non-woven fabric, and subdivision, non-woven materials mostly by spunlace;

Wet wipes from raw materials to classification, which also can be divided into two kinds of polyester and cotton, polyester feel hard and slippery, cotton feel soft.

Wipes from user groups to points, can be divided into adult wipes and baby wipes, baby wipes higher requirements cannot be added alcohol, essence, stimulation and fluorescent agent.

In addition, wipes inside the solution is not to say all drops, but RO + water disinfectant. Content of disinfectant to scientific ratio, before and after meals or no water and soap to clean hands, face, wipes is still relatively good choice.

Also now wipes except for skin cleaning and ordinary wipes, the popular single table disinfectant wipes and the disinfectant wipes and general hygiene wipes are not equivalent. This table disinfection wet tissue on the surface of the object, and not human and bactericidal spectrum is wider, bacteria, viruses (hepatitis B, HIV and other viruses) can kill. Domestic use is gradually popular.

In many physical table disinfecting wipes, with low concentration of hydrogen peroxide disinfectant disinfectant wipes the safest, corrosion is very low and on the human body without stimulation without harm. In Europe and North America, the field of surface disinfection, the peroxide is a major trend.

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