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The essence is the synthetic imitation fruit and the natural fragrance smell the fragrant oil. It's an artificial flavor. Used in manufacturing food, cosmetics, cigarettes, etc..

Human, the synthesis of the first, is the essence of vanillin, it is by German M. Harman, and G, Dr. Twyman in 1874 successfully synthesized. Vanillin is a main component of natural spice and vanilla bean. Two years later, another chemist K Reimer also participated in the study of vanillin. Artificial and natural vanillin vanillin synthesis he almost no difference, enough to the real thing.

The essence, at least by several kinds of fragrance ingredients, and even dozens of natural and synthetic fragrances, or organic compound. The blending of flavors can be made of the following components:

The main flavor incense base - show features;

A combination of fragrance ingredients for the purpose of harmonizing the aroma of various ingredients;

Modifying agent -- the composition of flavor change style;

The fixed type - itself is not volatile, and can inhibit other volatile flavor volatility, the volatility slows down;

The diluent properly to smell desalination and on the crystallization of spices and resinous balsamic dissolved and diluted. Itself should be no smell, stability, safety and low price.

Essence can in perfuming products play a regulation of volatility is the key to good effect, how to achieve the balance and harmony between the head incense, incense and incense.

Head fragrance - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.

Give the scent flavor aroma, moderate volatility, is also the main flavor flavor.

At the end of incense, volatility is small, the molecular structure is large and complex, the flavor fragrant long.

Certain types of flavors called flavor aroma. General categories are as follows:

(1) imitation of natural flavor

The flowers: young people love often Bao youth, a single flower and floral compound;

The fruit: middle-aged people like light effect to unique, honest and credible;

The wood, elegant, quiet, cool: stable;

The grass fragrance: fragrance, fresh aroma with green mood.

(2) the synthesis of flavor

The sweet fragrance, fragrant aldehyde: such as fruit, forest incense, taste heavy, changeful, convey female beautiful dreams;

The international fragrance called animal flavoring, diffusion of strong, lasting fragrance.

Flying butterfly: insects, plants mixed together, resulting in the artistic conception of nature.

Fantasy: imagination, stereoscopic, feel fresh.

Flowers: and full of exoticism, gentle, the mysterious oriental type and the like to a pair of spring flowers, chypre and carnations to western type.

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